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Ric's Woodwind Repair - New workshop for 2017!

Saxophones / Flutes / Clarinets

From quick fixes to services, modifications and re-padding. All repairs are dropped off and picked up from Ric's workshop in Netley (SO31 5FE). Due to the individual needs required on each and every instrument, repair costs vary enormously. Please do pop in for a no obligation quote.

Get It Working

This is a repair suitable for instruments that have a very specific problem or customers with a concern about their instrument or in need of a repair for a gig or lesson. Give Ric a call to book in your instrument and sort out the problems you‘re having quickly. Your instrument may have taken an accidental bang or something may have just gone wrong and you have no idea why – Ric can help.


Service (Clean)


Ric offers a cleaning service where instruments are fully checked, played, may be stripped in places with key work being removed. The instrument body and dust catching areas are cleaned briefly also. This removes dust, marks and spillages, which in turn can allow the action of the instrument to be drastically improved. This service is finished off with a polish. Silver polish is used on silver instruments. This can really buff up that shine! Without regular cleaning springs can go rusted, silver finished instruments can get tarnished and the instrument can become unplayable to being clogged up with gunk.

Instruments are also fully lubricated and oiled to keep those movements smooth and quiet. Spring articulations and pivot screws are quickly checked throughout the instrument.


Service (Standard)


General: Ric strips down the instrument and gives it a full body clean with polish. Key work is cleaned upon removal. Ric checks that all the mechanisms, levers, keys and buttons are working as they should be and re-position and correct anything out of place or alignment. This includes fixing obvious leaks on any note on the instrument. Instrument re-lubricated.

Leak Light: On saxophones and clarinets strong leak lights are used to determine where there are problems; this is the standard cause for those hard to hit or problem notes. On flutes leak lights plus leak paper are used to double check on those transparent yellow flute pads. All these leaks are then fixed.

Tenon Cork: Saxophone neck tenons are replaced as standard.

Cork, Felt & Plastic: Leaving the instrument aside for a moment, all felt, cork and plastic and fully replaced for any that are missing, damaged or deteriorated. Ric tries to keep true to your instrument – for example a Yamaha instrument will be replaced with Yamaha felt.

Pads: All pads are cleaned and up to five pads are replaced included in the cost. More pads can be replaced at £5-£10 per pad if the customer requires. All of this would be discussed prior to the service being carried out. Like for like pads on instruments are used; Selmer saxophones will receive Selmer pads.

Springs: Ric checks all springs are functional and will re-tension all springs across the instrument to give a stronger and tighter action. Any completely broken springs will be replaced.

Action & Regulation: The instrument is fully checked in terms of regulation and tightened and altered where needed for optimum instrument pliability. All instrument specific regulations are checked and altered.

Re-assembly and Play test: Your instrument is re-built and play tested. For saxophones and clarinets Ric uses his own mouthpieces to play test and also uses a range of Jazz and Classical mouthpieces to check all octaves. For saxophones Ric also play tests in sub-tone and full tone to check the low notes in particular are playing superbly. For flute your head joint will be used for the play test and sterilised before you received it back.


Service (Full Overhaul) - Includes all of a standard service plus any of the below


Dents: Ric removes small to medium sound altering dents if they are easily accessible and remove any small cosmetic dents too.

Full Re-pad: All old pads are removed and replaced with new pads. Ric tries to use like for like pads on instruments; Selmer saxophones will receive Selmer pads. However, choices of pads are available, from tan leather and kangaroo skin black leathers to the new and amazing synthetic leathers available. Ask for details.

Action: This becomes fully customer and instrument specific. Do you prefer a lighter and faster action for your Classical playing or would you like a heavier and firmer action for a more bouncy and stronger feel like many prefer in jazz playing? It’s your choice and Ric will tailor the entire instrument’s action to what you’d like. The instrument itself is taken into consideration, for example a 1930’s vintage tenor saxophone will be setup quite differently to a brand new Selmer sax.

Custom Cork / Springs: Ric changes the height of keys and the strength of springs to the customers preference, and can easily help you decide by explaining the differences available before the service. Any springs still attached but rusted or not able to perform to the desired action requirement – are removed and replaced.

Felt and Plastics: You have a choice of colours with an overhaul service. Want red felt to match any of the previous work? No Problem.

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