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New Website Launch Hype!

It's taken five months of hard work and perfection, asking current students as to what they like on my current website to what they would like to be added here. There's been the addition of lots of new social features which have created a more connected website including LinkedIN, Facebook pages, a new twitter for this site as well as full Google intergration and linkage to my Google maps business and maps so I'm even easier to find should someonecome across me on any one of these. In reality it means people can alsways find my website, however they hear about me.

The instrument sale and accessories page under extras on the main top menu is particularly flash. Have a gander.

There is a also the new feature of a members area for anyone involved in Lunar Jazz Band, whereby you can see rehearsal dates, upcoming gigs and concerts, and with the future intergration and interaction of commenting and user created posts and articles and discussions.

So. Have a browse, try and break the new site and report any bugs and broken links you may find. But mostly - please enjoy this new site all ready for 2016. It's taken a lot of love to get it here and there's the possibility and available space and power on this website to add as much content as I'd like in the future. Enjoy.


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