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Band in 2 rows 2016
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Photo - Xmas Gig 2016
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Ric's Bursledon Jazz Band An all ability, all instrument, all age jazz orchestra for the South Coast


What is it? How do I Join?

Ric runs and conducts Bursledon Jazz Band to help people learning instruments to put their new skills to use, do something fun and develop musicianship whilst playing with others. It’s all very friendly and is a big success. Bursledon Jazz Band started as a small four person saxophone quartet Ric created in 2010 exclusively for his students and since then it has grown to include more instruments, better style and variety, a bigger venue and some improvisation solos. Bursledon jazz band perform gigs, concerts and other music events and all proceeds go towards a charity of the band members choosing.

Bursledon Jazz Band  is open to all people who want to play music and have primarily have fun – making what was once a small student band, now a thriving jazz band for the local communities. You can now find us listed on, and the Saxophone and Clarinet quarterly magazine has listed us too. We're advertised all over the local Solent and South coast areas as we aim to be a part of local communities and give something back in any way we can, whether via music and events, or money donated from the band to charities when we make a profit. 2017 has seen the band being hired for the first time for a jazz evening. Proceeds will go to charity and new band material.


It's all very informal, fun and any amateur musician is welcome regardless of instrument


Contact Ric and he’ll recommend coming along to a freebie taster rehearsal and getting you going with a pad of music.

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Bursledon Jazz Band Ric Wood Site

Bursledon Jazz Band Ric Wood Site
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Ric Wood (Theo Wanne & Antigua Winds artist) Synth Wave 1:1

Ric Wood (Theo Wanne & Antigua Winds artist) Synth Wave 1:1

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BJB info


All instruments welcome. Woodwind, Brass, Percussion or String instruments.. Trombones to trumpets, to clarinets, flutes, rhythm instruments and of course all saxophones. Baritone sax is especially welcome. Ric is very welcoming of any orchestral instrument such as string or percussion instruments such as violin. Instruments that aren't thought of as traditionally jazz but can do so in unique and stunning ways.


What type of music is played?

Jazz / Blues / Film Themes / Funk / Minimalism / Waltzs & other Dance music /  Videogame scores & many other genres, including many original works by Ric (about 1/4 of Bursledon Jazz Band music is Ric's originals. It makes the band unique, fresh and a contemporary jazz band for 2018. At our core though we are a jazz band through and through.


When / Where are rehearsals?

(Usually)1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month @ 3:30PM @ Holy Saviour Church, Bitterne Parish, White's Rd, Southampton SO19 7NP. Full 2018 rehearsal dates and venues of rehearsals given be Ric upon requesting to join.


Is the Music hard?

No. It's fun. There’s a massive variety in musical difficulties – Ric tailors your music pad to your current ability (with the odd challenge) so everyone is welcome and can join in straight away in the first rehearsal.



All age.



There is a small fee of £30 per quarter or £50 for a half year (discounted rate) paid in advance – this helps fund the band including rehearsal venues, polo shirts, business cards and flyers and other marketing items such as banners and all the new music bought or Ric's time for the long task of professionally arranging scores for the entire jazz band.



Gig Experience: Anything jazzy goes! Previous Gigs include Hadfield Music Festival 2010 and the Operation Christmas Child Charity Events 2010-2014. Other gigs include Bankswoodberry music festival, Jazz and Strawberries Music Summer concerts. 2016 saw the band perform two Charity Concerts. In Winter 2018 we raised £1,258 for 5 charities! 2019 has many exciting things for BJB to look forward to. Watch this space.

2019 here we come!

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